Airport West

Kiri Tavrou was employed as a Project Manager for the construction of my day spa in Essendon and the later re-location to Airport West.

From start to end I felt that Kiri completely understood my vision and objective of creating a personal journey for people who visit and to give them an opportunity to just be still within a beautiful, safe and friendly space.

There were several key areas in particular that were critical to my project: leadership, communication, cost management, and construction expertise.

was directly due to Kiri’s efforts and high standards in all key areas mentioned. His sub contractors also shared his professional attitude and work habits. Kiri proactively communicated with me on a frequent basis, which was particularly useful to me due to my ignorance and lack of experience with construction practices and processes. Kiri executes what he says he will do in a timely manner, and coordinates the activities of his subcontractors very effectively.

Project costs were managed in a professional manner. Kiri prepared progressive payment requests and tracked budget versus actual expenditures effectively utilizing Excel. He applied his knowledge and understanding of the business by advising which alternative construction methods and materials would be most appropriate by considering our objectives and constraints. Kiri’s input from the design phase through completion was valuable to ensure structural integrity and my enjoyment of the end product.

My respect for Kiri is shared by others that I have dealt with, from the skilled labor employed directly by Kiri to vendors and the quality of subcontractors employed through him.In Summary, I recommend Kiri as dedicated to performing quality work and capable of meeting your expectations.

Lisa Pellizzari

Essendon & Airport West Day Spa’s